Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pipples on the move.....

Okay, so the Pipples had a rest and, well, you know what Pipples are like - they were off!
Couldn't keep still for a minute.
This is where I found them - they just love stairs! The green and red one (he tells me his name is Trevor) seems to be the most adventurous. But honestly, the others are very easily lead.Lovely how they all work together. Watch you don't get squashed!
Now what are you going to do?
Oh, I see. Yes, great teamwork!Hmm, this could take a while...........xx


  1. We thought this was hilarious! It's great to find a blog for my boys to enjoy. Mad that we had bought a Pipple before you mentioned we might need one, we beat you to that conclusion!!We do need one, we need Trevor. Tell him we have stairs.
    Ali and boys XXX

  2. Cute as a bugs ear!!! Great site/post and photos!! Chele x P.S. Thanks for the kind words and wishes on my post! I have a 2 hour trial on Sunday, hoping to fit in well.