Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Fond Reunion and a Christmas wish comes true......


We got great news today from Ali, Lennox and Aaron in Scotland, who tell us that the three new Pipples, Betty, Lupin and Duncan, have all settled in very well.
'As you can see they needed a nice long rest after travelling to arrive on Christmas Eve, so they perched themselves where they could on presents left by Santa.
On Christmas morn when they woke with Lennox and Aaron's gleeful noise, they got out of the way to spend time catching up with Trevor. "How are you all?" he asked.' (Trevor is the family's first Pipple, you may remember, and he had made a Christmas wish to Santa for some Pipple friends to join him. He must have been very good, as it has come true!!)
'Apparently Betty is Trevor's special Lady Friend so he was especially pleased to see her again. Lupin was quick to request a biscuit.'
'On Christmas night, full up on chocolate coins and biscuits (it was Christmas after all!), the new arrivals joined Trevor and the family in watching 'Doctor Who'. They were a little scared of the Master but huddled close and made it through the whole episode, eager for the next one. They were very fond of Wilfred.'
'Next day they helped Lennox and Aaron build their new lego.'
'They were very helpful, particularly Duncan who was thrilled to play with Indy's whip.
We will keep in touch with their adventures.'
How fantastic is that - what lucky Pipples to have such fun together!! I bet Trevor was so happy to see his friends.
A very big thank you to Ali, Lennox and Aaron. We look forward to seeing what your little Pipple team get up to next! x

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