Saturday, 9 January 2010

Fun in the Snow....

after a good night's sleep, the new Pipples were keen to go back out into the snow. They were desperate to do a bit of sledging so I found them a tray and they had great fun down the was a bit tiring for me as I had to keep taking the tray back to the top as they did not want to get wet again!
Then they wanted to climb the trees! As you know, Pipples do love a bit of climbing!
Ricardo was the most adventurous and climbed the highest....
Even the little Flug had a go...These two insisted I took a photo of them but - catastrophe!!!! Moments after this picture was taken, Toby, the Pipple on the right disappeared!!
We all searched and eventually found him at the bottom of the tree!! Luckily the snow had broken his fall although he was a bit shaken!
Then the little Flug wanted to show off his balancing skills on the fence.....
and the others all wanted a go! This might be the only time a Flug is ever in the lead!
Then it was time to come inside and warm up.

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