Monday, 1 February 2010

A bit of a shock!

This morning a letter arrived. A very small letter. It was addressed to the Pipples who have gone Over the Wall.
All the Pipples gathered and looked at the letter thoughtfully but didn't know what to do.
Eventually Ricardo, who is quite an adventurous Pipple, went forward to get the letter.
But who should open it?

There was a lot of discussion.....which went on for several minutes......even the Flugs got in on the act.....
until a decision was made....
Toby would open it as he was the best reader of them all.
They got into a circle to listen.
Toby read carefully.
"To the Pipples who have gone over the Wall,
We, the Pipples in the Woods, are writing to let you know that we have received news from the Chief Pipple in the Big Forest.
It has been discovered by some of our more adventurous Pipples that there are Other Creatures who have similar names but who are NOT Pipples, so after a lot of discussion, it has been decided by the Chief Pipple that we shall rename ourselves.
The Chief Pipple thinks it is a good idea if we ask for the help of our human friends.
This is why we are writing.
Ask the human people that you have met Over the Wall to help us find a new name.
Write back when you have found one.
Big Hugs, Chief Pipple."

The Pipples were stunned!!
Then, as one, they all fainted.
When they came to, there was general panic! They ran this way, and that, bumping into one another and not knowing what to do.
So, I gathered them together firmly, and told them we would all help.
If any of you Pipple Friends out there have a good idea for a new name for the Pipples, then please leave it in the message here or send it to
The Pipples thought it would be a good idea to give a prize for the person who comes up with the best name. They have decided the human person should choose a Pipple to go home to them to live. The Pipples are now very excited!!!
The name must be new and no-one else must be using it, or anything similar. It mustn't sound or look like anything else. Good luck.


  1. Hello Pipples.

    I've never been to Pipple World before but I heard of your plight, so thought I'd pay a visit. Thank you for having me.

    I have a few name suggestions for you:-


    I did quickly Google them all and couldn't find anything listed other than the last one might be a Super Mario something(?!).

    I do hope you find something you all like.


  2. How about Peepils? All the other names I thought of are on google :-(

  3. I love how you have told the Pipples story and the pictures to go with it. I don't have any ideas for names right now -- it is hard to think of them as anything else but Pipples -- actually I just remembered that I when I saw how the sock was tied in a knot on the top I had thought they could be called Topknots or Updos(like when someone gets their hair all done up). I haven't Goggled these but they might be something to work with : )

  4. Okay, here are my first round of ideas before I "lose" them.


    or OTSOT (On This Side of Things) so plural is OTSOTS.. a little nod to their world on "this side of the wall"

  5. Wistow Dog wonders if you fancy the name Pidglies - not on Google - Woof x

  6. hi we have been thinking hard and have come up with the following names!
    hope you find a suitable new name !!
    from Jean and Evie x

  7. Some German friends of mine have a dog with a name that (to me) sounds like "Zokka" - which apparently is German for socks - but when I checked the translation on line it's spelt "Socken". But how about "The Zokkas". Not found on google...

  8. We have been thinking hard but if we're honest it's too hard not to think of them as Pipples. Can't come up with anything but we did like Crzylady's suggestion of OTSOTS and we like 'Zokkas'.
    Hope you have found one you like!
    Ali and boys XXX

  9. I have a few suggestions:
    itty bitties
    little bits