Sunday, 7 February 2010

Name update newsflash!!

Hello from the soon-to-be-not Pipples.
The Pipples wanted me to write and let you know that we think we have found a good name but that before we announce it to you and the rest of the Pipple friends out there, the Pipples thought it would be a very good idea to run it past the Lawyer Lady who has been advising us!!
We don't want to change it and then have the same problem again!!!!
So, hopefully by the end of tomorrow, we will have some kind of response from the Lawyer Lady and we can tell you.
The Pipples are very excited!!! They LOVE the new name!!!
Sorry to keep you in suspense a bit longer!!!

Oh, and the Pipples wanted me to show you a picture of the party biscuits which will soon be available to buy from the Over the Wall Etsy shop if, that is, they haven't been eaten by the Pipples here. Goodness knows they have fooled the human children countless times already!!! Quite funny really!!!!!!!!!!



  1. woooo hoo! So excited! Hope every thing is in order and the biscuits look lovely!

  2. Oooooh I'm all excited I won't sleep.:)